Myanmar In Rakhine placing people at the centre

The outbreak of violence in Rakhine on 25 August 2017 led to one of the largest humanitarian crises in recent history, with more than 700,000 people fleeing to Bangladesh and thousands more displaced internally within the state. Nearly one year since the crisis, many still suffer due to a lack of access to markets, basic livelihood and health care. The Red Cross Movement has assisted almost 300,000 people so far, and our work continues. In Rakhine, people are at the centre of our work. Everywhere we go, we are reaching all communities affected by the recent violence, and our approach always remains the same – practicing neutrality and impartiality in everything we do. And that, in turn, provides us with a measure of security and trust that makes it possible for us to do our job, reaching those who are the most vulnerable and need our help the most. It also inspires people to lend us a hand while we carry out our work. From carrying sacks of food to transferring bamboo, offloading trucks to moving aid, wherever we travel through Rakhine, people in each community actively participate, and help get the job done. It is what enables us to continue ten months after the violence began. It is also what gives us hope that there is a better future ahead for the people of Rakhine.

Fonte: International Committee of the Red Cross