Best Buy slashes prices for students with its Apple BacktoSchool Event

Classes will be starting again soon, and Best Buy’s Apple Back-to-School EventRemove non-product link makes it easy to stuff school bags with Apple gadgets. Many of the best products made by the folks in Cupertino are on sale (although regular iPads and iMacs are conspicuously missing), making this a great time to pick up everything from MacBooks to Apple TVs for good prices. It’s even better if you’re an actual student, as you can also take advantage of Best Buy’s student discountsRemove non-product link. Our favorite deals are discounts Best Buy is offering for older MacBook Pro and MacBook Air modelsRemove non-product link (and students can chop off an additional $150). On the low end, you can get a 13-inch MacBook Air for just $900Remove non-product link, down $100 from its normal price. With student pricing, that works out to $750. Beyond that, you can take up to $200 off the iPhone 6 and 6sRemove non-product link and the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 PlusRemove non-product link. The deals are a little more humble elsewhere, such as the mere $50 student discount Best Buy is offering for the current versions of the iPad ProRemove non-product linkand the iMacRemove non-product link. If you don’t mind buying stuff that’s not exactly brand-new, Best Buy is offering 30 percent off for several certified refurbished productsRemove non-product link ranging from Apple Watches to Smart Keyboards. That means you can pick up an Apple Pencil for just $79.99Remove non-product link (down from $99.99) or a pair of AirPods for just $135.99Remove non-product link (down from $159.99). Not too shabby.