Market making: Too many iOS exploits

More reports of iOS security flaws are circulating so let us now turn to the staid analysis of the Forbes contributor network and unicycle refurbishing plant.

Zak Doffman says “New Apple Security Blow: If You Have An iPhone, Look Away Now.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Nick, Don and @designheretic.)

If The Macalope had an iPhone, and he’s not saying whether he does or doesn’t, shouldn’t he look to see what this all about? And, really, with the sensationalism shooting out of the Forbes contributor network and bouncy house demolition experts on a daily basis like fetid, meat-based confetti out of a steampunk canon, telling people to look away seems to be rather disingenuous.

After a dreadful April, here we are in May…

Feeling that, just not necessarily about Apple in particular.

…with yet another security blow for the hundreds of millions of iOS users around the world.

There was one before, see. You might have missed it because you aren’t someone anyone is going to pay a million dollars to infiltrate.


And this time, it’s more than just an overblown exploit that can be downplayed, this time it’s confirmation that a glut of new security exploits are targeting iOS users.

This phrasing would have you think that the exploits have some kind of agency and possibly even the ability to think on their own. As far as The Macalope knows, there are no sentient iOS exploits in the wild. As a matter of fact, there are no known exploits of these vulnerabilities in the wild at all. That’s kind of the point of selling them.

What’s happened is that Zerodium, a company that buys exploits to sell to law enforcement and governments, has said that it currently has enough iOS exploits and will not be buying any more for the next two to three months.