‘Trading Spaces’ alum Genevieve Gorder advises home renovations for mental health

Home is important, she says, because “it’s where we nest and it’s where we repair, we recalibrate and reinvent so we can go out again.” She calls our homes “the cradle.”
In a video for Yahoo’s “Reset Your Mindset” campaign, she advises that “starting with home is a really great medicine.”
“Let the light in, open the windows, bring in some brighter colors to change your mood. It really is more than just psychology. It is absolutely true,” she says.
Gorder provides some great tips: Create a budget, fix the little things (like cracks and broken furniture) you’ve been meaning to, paint the walls a new color, change up your layout and move the accessories in a room around.
She says these are “easy, cheap things to do” which will result in a better mood and will also fill up endless time spent in the house.
“This is the time to slowly fix all the things you never had time for, these little projects can have such an effect,” she says, “focus on the cradle.”

Source : Cnn