iOS 14 Wishlist: How Apple can take the iPhone to the next level

Last year, after the debut of iOS 12, I put together a list of features I hoped to see in iOS 13. And Apple listened!

Okay, it’s not likely that anybody at Apple actually read my article and altered a single line of code based on it, but the company did release several of the features in iOS 13 I’ve been asking for.

There’s still a lot left on the table, though. So many more features and significant changes that seem easy to identify (if not easy to develop) that would make iPhones more useful. Many of the features I want are small and not worth prioritizing (multiple timers, for example). Here’s a list of the ten biggest and most far-reaching features I hope to see in iOS 14.

Note: Now that iOS and iPadOS have technically split, this list doesn’t include iPad-specific features—that’s another list! Also, there are features I’d love to see that require new iPhone hardware, which aren’t included here. These are features I’d like to see for all iPhone models that could run iOS 14.

Prioritize reliability

After a surprisingly trouble-free iOS 12 release, iOS 13 has been full of problems. The release schedule was staggered and disjointed, and Apple was still squashing significant bugs into 2020.

There are reports that Apple has once again altered its development process to improve reliability, and it can’t come soon enough. The buzzwords for iOS 14 should be “stability” and “performance.”

More than any new feature, priority number one should be making sure that the first release of iOS 14 is fast, fluid, and trouble-free for the hundreds of millions of devices upon which it will run.

It’s probably too much to expect all the major iOS features to release at once, but be honest about the staggered release. Let us know which features are coming in a future iOS point-release update so we can manage expectations (and so Apple’s developers aren’t rushing to meet an unrealistic ship date).