Todd Snyder’s Memorial Day Sale Is One for the Ages

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It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Todd Snyder here at Esquire HQ. The man is a master of reinventing modern American staples —often using premium fabrics sourced from far outside the States— and recently he’s been on an absolute tear. Snyder has an uncanny knack for knowing exactly what is we want and then follows through by offering up the very best version of it at the moment we realize we want it.

Snyder learned the tricks of the trade at Ralph Lauren before decamping to J.Crew to launch, among other things, the brand’s beloved Liquor Store outpost (which, funnily enough, he converted into a standalone store of his own when the space went up for sale earlier last year). All that’s to say his resume is long and pedigreed, and if you’re going to trust anyone to keep you looking good this summer, he’s the guy you should turn to.

As it turns out, Todd is also a generous soul and in his endless magnanimity is gifting us all a Memorial Day sale for the ages. Scroll through to see some of our favorite picks, and head on over to the Todd Snyder site to check out the full array of options while supplies last.

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Winged Foot Graphic Tee

Todd Snyder + Champion


Todd Snyder teaming up with Champion is a match made in menswear heaven, and it shows. 

Half Big Checker Slip-on



Snyder also stocks a curated selection of the best of what other brands have to offer, including these summer-ready slip-ons of the sneaker savants at Vans.

Lightweight Warm Up Short

Todd Snyder + Champion


The warm up shorts of your cozy boi dreams.  

Slub Jersey Long Sleeve Polo

Todd Snyder


A Made-in-L.A. polo that looks as luxe as it feels. 

Short-Sleeve Liberty-Print Camp-Collar Shirt

Todd Snyder


A printed camp collar shirt that somehow manages to come across as…subtle?!

Neon Tie-Dye Reverse Weave Crewneck

Todd Snyder + Champion


A little neon tie dye never hurt nobody. (I think.)

The Military Watch

Timex + Todd Snyder


Another simpatico team-up, another slapper of a product. 

Straight Fit Japanese Selvedge Jean

Todd Snyder


Perfectly-cut jeans made from denim sourced straight from (where else?) Japan. 

Tie-Dye Traveler Suit Jacket

Todd Snyder Black Label


The go-to recipe for at-home cool this summer? Take an already-dope piece of clothing, tie-dye it, and watch as said piece of clothing ends up exponentially more dope. 

Denim Chore Coat

Todd Snyder


A white chore coat almost seems counterintuitive. But when it’s made out of a denim this sturdy, it’s not. 

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