Nick Cordero suffered a new lung infection

Broadway actor Nick Cordero suffered a new lung infection, his wife Amanda Kloots shared on Instagram on Saturday. Kloots has been using Instagram to update followers on her husband’s battle against the coronavirus. In the recent Instagram story, Kloots said it had been a “tough week,” and although Cordero experienced a new infection, he is “getting better,” Entertainment Tonight reported.

Since experiencing his newest lung infection, “he’s been slowly recovering, which is great,” Kloots said on Saturday. “Day by day, hour by hour, he’s getting better. He’s slowly getting back to where he was before this infection came about.”

Cordero, a 41-year-old Tony nominee, was initially hospitalized March 30 after developing pneumonia and later tested positive for the coronavirus. 

He was intubated on April 1, and in addition to suffering from pneumonia, he also went into septic shock, had two “mini strokes,” had a temporary pacemaker placed, and suffered from blood clotting complications which resulted in his right leg being amputated, Kloots has said.

In another emotional Instagram live on Wednesday, Kloots said Cordero’s condition had gone a little “downhill.” 

In the posts on Saturday, his wife said they are hoping he can come off some more medications. “Right now we’re just looking for slow, steady, small wins to keep him resting and recovering,” she said, according to ET. 

“But I’m so proud of Nick,” she added. “I’m really proud of how strong he is, and gosh, what he’s gone through, and his will.”  Kloots aslo admitted she is “physically and emotionally and mentally exhausted.” The couple has a 1-year-old son, Elvis, who often makes appearances in Kloots’ Instagram updates. 

“This has been the craziest ride ever but we’re still here and we’re still fighting,” she said, encouraging her followers to “hug your loved ones.”

“Do it for me. Do it for Nick,” Kloots said. “Don’t take a day for granted, guys.” Kloots has also been encouraging followers to sing and dance in Cordero’s honor, and she often reposts the cheerful videos. 

On Sunday, she shared a video of herself and Elvis dancing to Cordero’s favorite song, “Live Your Life,” which she said they do every day at 3 p.m.

“You guys have joined me now for 42 days, cheering Nick on to wake up and get off the vent,” she wrote in the caption. “This rollercoaster has been a wild one with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, but the support and energy that comes at 3pm ALWAYS puts me on a high!”

She thanked followers for singing and dancing, prayers, messages and gifts. “We have had a tough week but Nick showed us yet again how strong he is and we are back on an uphill climb,” she concluded. 

Source : Cbs News