Netflix isn’t sending any films or talent to festivals this awards season

The streaming giant will not send any talent or films to the popular film festivals including Telluride, New York, and Venice, reports Indiewire.
They will, however, sponsor some festivals this year.
The festivals help producers and media get the word out on their movies and help get them early Oscar buzz.
Festival organizers must now also decide whether to continue their events, go virtual, or cancel due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Netflix’s awards strategy had been shifting even before the pandemic. Deals to screen their films to influencers at the Paris Theatre in New York and the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles can potentially take place with the right precautions.
But public screenings aren’t necessary for 2020. The Academy and the Golden Globes will allow streaming movies to qualify for the upcoming season. Meanwhile, the Oscars date may be pushed to early spring.

Source : Cnn