‘We’re fed up with it’: Trump signs order aimed at curtailing social media companies

Donald Trump has signed an executive order aimed at curbing protections for social media giants.
The US president is engaged in a public feud with the companies, which he has accused of censoring free speech and bias, and said: “We’re fed up with it.”

It comes as Twitter flagged one of Mr Trump’s tweets about mail-in ballots in California with a fact-check warning.

Image: Mr Trump has waged a public feud against social media companies
The executive order points out that social media companies, such as Facebook and Twitter, should forgo their legal immunity from the law, should they edit users’ content on their platforms.
Currently, Section 230 offers legal protections to social media platforms, and makes it clear that those companies are not responsible for the content posted on their sites, and therefore should not interfere with it.


However, they are allowed to act when content is violent or harassment.
Mr Trump argues that the fact-checking on his tweets amounts to “editorial decisions” by Twitter, adding is akin to political activism.

Source : Sky News