Urban Outfitters’ Latest Sale Deserves Your Respect (and Hard-Earned Dollars)

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Let’s be honest here: Over the last few years, Urban Outfitters developed an undeservedly bad rap as, shall we say, an easily parodied bastion of a certain type of hipsterdom. And sure, a little gentle ribbing never hurt anybody (especially when that “anybody” is a giant, publicly traded corporation) but in retrospect it’s hard to ignore the Philadelphia-based retailer’s influence when it comes to popularizing an aesthetic that’s a—if not the—norm. Right about now, UO just looks like it was ahead of the curve. Jokes on you, suckers. Who’s laughing now?!

If you’re starting to feel a little contrite, I’ve got some good news: Urban Outfitters is still out here, and is still selling a treasure trove of excellent product, including a private label line that rarely misses and a surprising medley of smaller, hard-to-find brands most big-box retailers wouldn’t even consider stocking. And the good news doesn’t end there, because UO holds no grudges. The retailer’s turning a blind eye to your earlier derisiveness and serving up deep discounts on a broad selection of straight heat.

You done goofed once, my guy. Ignore the Outfitters again at your own peril.

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Western Rayon Button-Down Shirt

Urban Outfitters urbanoutfitters.com


Lean into menswear’s Western moment.

Ivan Cream Denim Work Pant

BDG urbanoutfitters.com


The “work” pant to wear when you’re not doing any of it. 

UO Huarache Black Sandal

Urban Outfitters urbanoutfitters.com


There’s no use denying it any longer: It’s sandals season, baby. 

Jayden Cargo Short

Standard Cloth urbanoutfitters.com


So. Much. Storage. Space.

Hurricane Drift Sandal

Teva urbanoutfitters.com


Like I said before: sandals, baby.  

Corduroy Utility Short

Without Walls urbanoutfitters.com


Corduroy? For spring?! (Actually) groundbreaking. 

’90 Extreme Hoodie Sweatshirt

The North Face urbanoutfitters.com


Retro in the all right ways. 

Fitz Roy Horizon Hoodie Sweatshirt

Patagonia urbanoutfitters.com


Announcing your allegiance to the brand that pioneered making sustainability more than a pithy talking point is never a bad call. 

Stormfront Dyed Sweatpant

Premiere Apparel urbanoutfitters.com


Sweatpants it’d be a shame to sweat in. 

The OG Westerly Cardigan

Pendleton urbanoutfitters.com


The cardigan abides. 

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