11 Ways to Style Long Hair, According to Some of the Most Stylish Celebrities on the Planet

We’re now officially approaching the “It’s been how long?” phase of lockdown life and your hair sure ain’t getting any shorter, bud. It’s time to reconcile yourself to the fact that, pending a dubious ability to touch-up your ‘do at home, your long hair is here to stay. Best to make the most of it. Why not embrace your newfound status as a bona fide member of the Long Hair, Don’t Care Club by letting your locks flow free like so many other of your follicularly blessed brethren across the country?

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to style your new ‘do, look no further. Because some of the handsomest damn people in Hollywood (read: on the planet) have been rocking the look since day one, and whether you’ve got straight hair, curly hair, or any type of hair in between, tinseltown’s waviest—with a few notable features from the world of sports and entertainment—are always a solid place to start.

More like long hair, do care, am I right?

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The Grunge Bob

Kurt Cobain had a head of hair that served as inspiration for a generation of disaffected teens. It was rocker enough without looking too stringy, and was naturally mussy but never descended into bird’s nest territory. Cobain’s look is a great style for hair that’s relatively straight with at most a hint of a wave. (Signature cardigan and instant rock-icon status not included.)

The Pretty-Boy Box Braids

You don’t need to be as pretty as A$AP to pull off box braids, but you do need a similar hair texture and a good amount of length on the top. Rocky’s sported a variety of braided styles over the years, but the flyaway braids styled on either side of the face here make this look a particularly good one if you’re trying to incorporate a certain dose of nonchalant cool.

The ’60s Flower Child

Alternatively known as The Jesus, this look is just right if you’ve got the flow (long, with beach-ready waves) to pull it off. You might need to live in L.A. and know all the local surf spots but if you’re willing to put in the work and wait a bit to see the final product, this could be the play for you. FYI: The beard is far from mandatory, but it definitely doesn’t hurt.

The Renaissance-Era Beauty

Let’s be honest here: setting aside his precocious abilities as an actor and his all-around solid persona, Timo’s appeal lies wholly in a mop of hair the envy of men the world over. Long (but not too long) and always wavy, Chalamet’s mane is one to emulate if you’ve got hair as thick as his that naturally falls on either side of your face. Chalamet’s look is a not-so-distant cousin to the heavily parted e-boy style that reigns supreme on platforms like TikTok, but slightly longer and intentionally tussled, the ‘do takes on an added degree of easy elegance.

The Tamed Curls

If you’re a guy with curlier hair, fret not—you, too, can grow it out with relative ease. The trick to nailing the look is to do exactly what Kit Harrington does here and use a tiny bit of product to keep your mane pushed back and out of your face. Also best to remember that, sadly, the awkward in-between phase we all dread is likely going to last a bit longer for you, but the payoff will be all the sweeter for it.

The Afro

If you’ve got the hair for it, rocking a full-on afro is an ideal way to let your hair do its thing by allowing it to grow out naturally. Your hair might not be able to reach the awe-inducing levels of volume Kap effortlessly achieves here, but if you’re looking for a style that’ll last better than most when it comes to skipping regular trips to the barber, this one’ll definitely do the trick with moderate upkeep at home.

The Throwback Creative-Type

When Alessandro Michele took over at Gucci five years ago, he brought with him a head of hair that’s as much a tribute to the styles of decades past as any of his designs. Michele is a fiend for the glitz and glamour of earlier eras, and his preferred ‘do is a throwback to, say, The Beatles traveling through India in the late ’60s. In other words, perfect for dudes who want to lean into the retro appeal of the look, and definitely a move worth making if you have a penchant for classic rocker(ish) style.

The Fly Young Guy

And if your hair is wavier, make like Dev Patel here and opt for a non-Fabio length that’s a little wilder around the edges, but still cleans up real nice when you mix in a dollop of product for good measure. Bonus points if you pair your flow with the perfectly-scraggly facial hair Patel puts on display here.

The Teen Idol

The late, great River Phoenix sported one of the best heads of hair in the game throughout his heyday in Hollywood, and his look remains an ideal one to emulate if you’ve got the locks for it. Phoenix’s look is best suited for those who want longer hair sans most of the fuss associated with it—it’s got a loose, easy, early-’90s-surfer feel to it, but can be spruced up when the occasion calls for it by adding a little product to the mix and combing the front back.

The Elder Statesman

For guys with thick, super straight hair, the growing-out phase can get pretty rough. (Not that it’s ever all that easy). But the payoff, as Japanese design legend Yohji Yamamoto proves here, is substantial once you get past it. Make like Yohji and wear it down, wear it up, or hell, wear it with one of the designer’s signature hats—it’s a style that, once embraced, can truly do no wrong.

The Toned-Down Bateman

A slightly less dramatic take on the hairstyle American Psycho made famous, this gently slicked-back look is ideal for guys with serious flow who want to look as put-together as Jake Gyllenhaal here anywhere they go. Apply a touch of pomade to wet hair and slowly comb it all back to avoid straying too far towards peak-’80s Wall Street energy. None of us need that in our lives right now.

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