Anker delays HomeKit compatibility for its recently announced Eufy Indoor Cams

Anker’s recently unveiled Eufy Indoor Cams, which were initially advertised as being compatible with Apple’s HomeKit platform at launch, won’t actually get that support until sometime in July, an Anker rep has confirmed.

The good news is that when HomeKit support finally is ready, it’ll also come with HomeKit Secure Video, a separate HomeKit feature designed to keep your recorded security videos private.

The delay (first reported by 9to5Mac) applies to both the $40 Eufy Indoor Cam 2K and the $50 Eufy Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt, which were announced in April. Both cameras were originally slated to arrive in May, but their shipping dates have since slipped to June 15 for the Indoor Cam 2K and June 30 for the Pan & Tilt model, an Anker rep told TechHive.

In a message on the Eufy community forum, a spokesperson for the Anker-owned Eufy brand apologized for the delay.

“Our development team wants to provide you all with the best possible HomeKit experience and in order to achieve this, we decided to implement the HomeKit Secure Video function,” the post reads. “This function will allow users to store videos to iCloud. The application of this function requires additional certification which unfortunately is the result of the delay.”

Indoor Cam users can get HomeKit support a few weeks early by signing up for a beta program, the post added.

HomeKit Secure Video is a camera-focused HomeKit feature that allows for recorded videos to be analyzed for motion events on a local “home hub” device, such as an iPad, an Apple TV, or a HomePod, rather than on a third-party cloud server.

Once videos are analyzed, they can be encrypted and stored securely in iCloud, where only the camera owner can access them.