‘Black Lives Matter’ painted in huge letters on road next to White House

A street in front of the White House has been renamed “Black Lives Matter Plaza” by Washington DC’s mayor and the slogan painted in huge yellow letters on the road.
Muriel Bowser approved a plan for volunteers to create the mural in an apparent rebuke of Donald Trump’s militaristic response to protests over police brutality against black people.

Ms Bowser tweeted footage of the street painting on a section of 16th Street in the US capital.

The new mural is painted on what is now being called Black Lives Matter plaza in giant yellow letters near the Whitehouse.
Her post featured a message to Breonna Taylor, a black woman killed by police in her own home in Louisville, Kentucky, when they were allegedly searching for a suspect who was already in custody.
Her death in March, along with that of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody on 25 May, has inspired nationwide protests.


“Breonna Taylor, on your birthday, let us stand with determination,” Ms Bowser wrote.

“Determination to make America the land it ought to be.”

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The mayor has condemned the president’s use of federal law enforcement agencies and military police to break up a protest on Monday night so he could have a photo opportunity outside a church near the White House.
“We want troops from out-of-state, out of Washington DC,” Mr Bowser said at a news conference on Thursday.

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As the mural was being painted, Mr Trump suggested Mr Floyd – who died after a police officer knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes – would be pleased to see today’s improved US job numbers.
“Hopefully George is looking down and saying this is a great thing that’s happening for our country,” he said.
“It’s a great day for him, it’s a great day for everybody.”

Source : Sky News