iLife A4s Pro review: Simplicity is this robot vacuum’s strength

Apps enable robot vacuum capabilities we could only imagine a few years ago, but they frequently bring their share of headaches as well. Sophisticated features like multilevel mapping can be complicated, and the apps themselves are often finicky. It can be a lot to contend with when all you want is to clean up the trail of food crumbs your kids left in their wake.

Fortunately, there are still simple-but-competent cleaners like the iLife A4s Pro. This robot vacuum, which is an upgrade of the A4s, blends powerful suction with straightforward controls, an approach that keeps its price tag less than $200.

Superficially, the two vacuums are nearly identical, with the only obvious difference being the Pro is all black instead of gray. But the Pro has been reengineered to improve its cleaning abilities.

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a4s auto iLIfe

The A4s Pro can automatically boost its suction power when it recognizes carpet.

The A4s Pro replaces the A4s’ V-shaped bristle roller brush with an “enhanced 2-in-1” brush that combines bristle with rubber extractors. This conforms better to uneven surfaces resulting in more dirt and dust pickup. The roller is also removable for easier cleaning.

The Pro has also increased the max suction power to 1500Pa from its predecessor’s top mark of 1000Pa, and it doubled the Spot mode suction from 1000Pa to 2000Pa. Both Auto and Edge cleaning mode suction have been boosted by 30 percent.

Finally, the Pro adds a small battery-powered device called the ElectroWall, which creates a three-meter virtual barrier to block the robot vacuum from entering restricted areas.

Setup and performance

With no app to install or Wi-Fi connection to make, setting up the vacuum is very straightforward. Plug in the charging dock, flip the vacuum’s power switch to “on” and set it on the charging contacts. iLife says it takes about five hours to fully charge the A4s Pro, which will give you about 100 minutes of runtime. While it’s charging, you can install the two included AA batteries into the ElectroWall and the two AAA batteries in the remote control.

a4s pro electrowall iLife

The ElectroWall creates a 3-meter barrier to keep the A4s Pro out of areas you don’t want it to clean.

Auto cleaning is the simplest way to use the A4s Pro. In this general cleaning mode, the robot vacuum cleans all areas it can reach, automatically boosting suction strength when it recognizes rugs or carpet. You can start auto cleaning by pressing the Auto button on top of the vacuum, and you can pause a cleaning by pressing it again. Pressing and holding the button for three seconds puts it into sleep mode.