LATAM Airlines Argentina to cease operations

LATAM Airlines Argentina will cease passenger and cargo operations for an indefinite period.

The announcement is a result of current market conditions, exacerbated by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the difficulty of building structural agreements with local industry actors.

The group said the current situation has made it impossible to foresee a viable and sustainable long-term project.

Parent LATAM Airlines Group filed for bankruptcy protection in the United States last month.

“This is regrettable but inevitable news.

“Today, LATAM must focus on transforming the group to adapt to post-Covid-19 aviation,” said Roberto Alvo, chief executive of LATAM Airlines Group.

“Argentina has always been a fundamental country for the group and will remain so, with LATAM’s other affiliates continuing to connect passengers from Argentina with Latin America and the world.”

LATAM Airlines Argentina will cease flights to/from 12 domestic destinations while international destinations in the United States, Brazil, Chile and Peru will continue to be served by other LATAM affiliates, once Covid-19-related travel restrictions are lifted by the authorities.

Likewise, international cargo routes will continue to be served by the other group affiliates.

LATAM Airlines Argentina is the only group affiliate that will cease operations.

Source : Breakingtravelnews