Trump: ‘The silent majority is stronger than ever before’

US President Donald Trump has declared that “the silent majority is stronger than ever before” as he held his first rally since March.
Before Mr Trump started speaking, photos taken inside the city’s BOK stadium had showed a number of empty seats.

The stadium seats 19,000 people but organisers had said that only 10,000 would be allowed to enter. Thousands more were expected to gather outside.
Just hours earlier, it was revealed that six members of Mr Trump’s campaign team had tested positive for coronavirus.
The US is still struggling to contain COVID-19, leading many to question the wisdom of holding a rally, even if social distancing and mask-wearing was encouraged.


Those in attendance were even asked to waive their rights to sue the Trump campaign should they catch the virus, which has killed 463,000 people worldwide, including almost 120,000 in the US.

At least 10,040 people have tested positive in Oklahoma and 368 people have died.

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Ahead of the rally, Sky’s correspondent Mark Stone, who is in Tulsa, said: “Here in Tulsa County in Oklahoma, today they reported their highest-ever number of cases.
“And so with that backdrop, I think by any measure it is an unusual decision by Donald Trump and his team to hold the rally in the stadium.”
He added: “Some people here are wearing masks, but most people are not and on top of that, many are actually asking us why we are wearing masks – inferring that as part of the ‘fake news’ we are compounding what they see as a fake virus.”

Source : Sky News