Three ‘Scrubs’ episodes removed from Hulu over use of blackface

Actors Sarah Chalke, Zach Braff, and Donald Faison pose for a publicity photo for the television show "Scrubs."
A representative for ABC Studios confirmed the episodes’ removal to CNN, saying they were taken down from the streaming platform Tuesday night at the request of producers and with the studio’s support.
The three episodes came from two different seasons of the comedy, which aired on NBC for nine seasons from 2001-2010.
Blackface in Hollywood has never been funny. People are just admitting it now
The episodes were titled “My Friend the Doctor” (Season 3, episode 8), “My Jiggly Ball” (Season 5, episode 4) and “My Chopped Liver” (Season 5, episode 17).
Series creator Bill Lawrence had on Tuesday responded to an inquiry about the episodes on Twitter, assuring the user that the removal of the episodes was “already in the works.”
The move comes in the same week Tina Fey asked streaming services in a letter to remove episodes of “30 Rock” that featured white actors in blackface.
In her letter, Fey apologized for the four episodes and the “pain they have caused.”

Source : Cnn