Vanilla Ice weekend concert canceled in Texas

A rep for the rapper confirmed to CNN Thursday afternoon that at a Fourth of July celebration in Austin, Texas, set for Friday is now off.
“This date has been canceled and will be rescheduled for another time,” the rep said in an email to CNN.
Texas is one of the states in the midst of a surge of Covid-19 cases.
The Independence Day Throwback Beach Party was scheduled at Emerald Point Bar & Grill, which is categorized as a restaurant.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott recently ordered that bars reclose in the state because of the increasing numbers of those contracting coronavirus.
The “Ice Ice Baby” star recently posted about missing concerts on his verified Instagram account.
“I can’t wait to get back to this,” he wrote in the caption of a video showing a crowded concert. “The 90s were the best. We didn’t have coronavirus, or cell phones, or computers.”
Concerts and festivals across the world have been canceled or postponed because of the pandemic.
On Thursday he posted a video of a group of musicians busking.
“Music makes the world go around. It makes people happy,” he wrote. “I think we could all use some happiness With all this corona mess Happening.”
The event’s promoter, Mike Wade, told the Austin Chronicle that the Friday show’s capacity was to be 2,500.
The Texas Tribune reported that as of Wednesday night only 84 tickets had been sold.

Source : Cnn