Exclusive: S. Preston Looney Tunes Baseball Bugs MLB Edition Prints

Exclusive: S. Preston Looney Tunes Baseball Bugs MLB Edition Prints

To celebrate Bugs Bunny’s 80th Anniversary and the return of baseball, artist S. Preston (in accordance with the Major League Baseball and the Chuck Jones Gallery) is launching original collectible artwork featuring the Looney Tunes icon. Available in limited edition variants of all 30 MLB teams, die-hard cartoon and sports fans alike can hang a print repping their favorite MLB team! Check out all 30 variants in our exclusive gallery below!

For more information or to reserve your limited edition print early, click the link here!

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Before there was Bugs and Basketball, there was Bugs and Baseball.

“Baseball Bugs” – WB Looney Tunes

S. Preston’s love for baseball and cartoons has garnered him national acclaim and various officially licensed MINIMALIST collections that combine pop culture with sports mascots and iconography. In 2016, S. Preston’s artwork made the permanent archives of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, NY, and he is a lifetime member of the coveted institution. MINIMALIST Baseball Bugs is an MLB official license release inspired by the beloved “Baseball Bugs” short, which debuted in 1946. The print features Bugs Bunny winding up for the perfect pitch–in a match against himself probably!

“There’s something magical about mashups – two of our favorite brands mixed into one. My childhood mashup was Saturday mornings with my cereal bowl and flipping back and forth between baseball and cartoons. This memory is such a distinct part of growing up that illustrating Baseball Bugs came naturally,” said S. Preston. “It’s incredibly gratifying to have two massive brands like MLB and Warner Bros come together to take a chance on my vision. I’m so proud to be able to bring this extremely unique artwork to my fans of baseball and pop culture.”

Minimalist Baseball Bugs – MLB Edition will be available July 14. Baseball fans can select from the 30 MLB clubs in variants of Bugs donning their favorite team’s jersey colors and logo on his cap.

“Big League Beast” – WB Looney Tunes

A certificate of authenticity will be slapped onto every print and include a hand number, and artist signature. There are limited quantities available of 50 variants per team, with an MSRP of $80.00. Fans can also purchase an Open Edition option of Baseball Bugs with a team-branded cap and white baseball jersey.

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Currently Bugs can be seen in the Looney Tunes Cartoons relaunch that are a true return to the classic form of Looney Tunes on HBOMAX. Within the launch, you’ll find a Baseball Bugs inspired short entitled “Big League Beast” featuring Bugs Bunny and Gossamer. During a stormy night, Bugs gets ready to watch the big game but suddenly his cable goes out due to the inclement weather. He stumbles upon an old castle in hopes that they might have a good hook up and Bugs finds himself in way over his head as the evil scientist who lives there has a monstrous security system in form of Gossamer, the giant red-haired beast. The short is not only a faithful representation of the classic characters, but it takes a modern spin on the comedic style that keeps it fresh and prime for repeat viewings.

The Chuck Jones Gallery teamed with S. Preston in 2018 where he provided illustrations for the Warner Bros. brand in his own unique style covering the classic characters while taking inspiration from the individual shorts. While MINIMALIST BASEBALL BUGS – MLB EDITION is the first Chuck Jones Gallery licensed print available for purchase, you will find the Minimalist Looney Tunes designs by S. Preston across the country within art galleries hosting exhibits featuring his larger collection.

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