The Noah Archive Sale Is Here to Revitalize Your Wardrobe (and Save Your Wallet)

Folks, I’ve (finally!) got some good news: Noah—and its particular brand of post-prep, skater-inflected style—is here to save you from the doom and gloom of spending yet another glorious summer day indoors. The beloved NYC-based label is currently hosting a hefty online archive sale, and if you haven’t already saved down its homepage to your bookmarks bar I don’t what you’re waiting for, guy. A sign from god? Any time Noah decides to slash its prices even slightly, all product involved tends to sell out, and fast, so in a way, it’s a modern miracle there’s anything left at all. Is that sign enough of divine intervention for you?

Noah’s long been at the forefront of championing social consciousness, and environmental sustainability in particular, in an industry where that degree of thoughtfulness still remains far from the norm. More recently, the brand and it’s founders, husband-and-wife duo Brendon Babenzien and Estelle Bailey-Babenzien, have taken it upon themselves to speak truth to power, tackling head-on thorny issues related to the racial unrest roiling the nation and their own perceived culpability in propping up a system that disproportionately discriminates against people of color.

All that’s to say they’re good people doing good things, and if that’s the sort of shit that gets you going, head on over to the Noah site to peep the full selection of styles before they’re all gone forever.

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AO Snapback



Summer Corduroy Crusher



The competition heats up! (Add it to the list.) 

Surf Stripe Top



The next best thing to hitting the beach. 

Runner Hoodie



Plaid Flannel Shirt



Flannel so soft it’s warm weather-ready. 

Vayu Hoodie



A (very good) hoodie putting on for Vayu the wind god. 

Williams Sunglasses



A retro-inspired pair of shades that somehow manages to look as timely as ever. 

Cotton Double Breasted Jacket



Double down. 

Corduroy Cardigan



Is it me, or is a strategic corduroy layer slowly emerging as a sleeper necessity for windy summer evenings? 

Michael Shoe



Very big Tyler, the Creator energy (simply add a sweater vest to complete the look). 

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