Nantes cathedral on fire: Flames lick 15th-Century facade

Firefighters are battling a large blaze inside one of France’s historic cathedrals.
Huge flames have been licking the inside of Nantes’ 15th-Century gothic cathedral’s facade.

The fire is thought to have broken out early this morning and French police say they are helping with effort to quell the flames.
Video show smoke coming out of the front of the structure.

Cecil Renaud, who works in a bakery opposite the cathedral of St Pierre and St Paul, told BFM TV: “It was a huge shock. It’s extremely sad.”


The cathedral was partly destroyed during World War Two after Allied bombings in 1944.

Image: Firefighters have warned people to avoid the area
And in 1972, fire ravaged the roof, which was rebuilt 13 years later.
The fire comes just over a year after an enormous blaze destroyed the roof and main spire of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.

Source : Sky News