NBA exhibitions to open with 10-minute quarters

The NBA will ease back into action with upcoming exhibition games to consist of 10-minute quarters.

As the exhibition-game schedule proceeds, the regular 12-minute quarters will return, but with players spending more than four months out of action, the initial practice games will move much quicker.

The NBA reportedly wants to take it easy on teams, not just because of time away, but also because some clubs do not yet have full rosters.

The NBA exhibition-game schedule begins Wednesday with four games. The Orlando Magic will face the Los Angeles Clippers; the Washington Wizards will meet the Denver Nuggets; the New Orleans Pelicans will play the Brooklyn Nets; and the Sacramento Kings will be matched up against the Miami Heat.

The return of 12-minute quarters will come with each team’s second exhibition game. All teams are expected to play three games before the regular season resumes on July 30.

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All NBA games from July 30 to the end of the season will be played in Orlando as a result of the coronavirus pandemic that shut down the league in March.

Source : Sky Sports