The 10 Best Hair Clippers for Men That You Can Buy Right Now

So you’re copping a pair of hair clippers, huh? Good choice. Maybe you read through one of the handy guides on Esquire dot com (I’m shameless, really) or maybe you’re one of the few people who remembers my great hair-cutting fiasco of 2010, when, after coming home from a haircut displeased with the results, I took a regular old electric shaver to the sides of my hair to “straighten them out” and ended up completely fucked for like a full month of 8th grade.

Take it from me, man—tracking down the right pair of hair clippers is worth the effort. Whether you’re looking to shave it all off for good or trying to give yourself a little touch-up every now and then, investing in the proper tools is crucial, especially when you don’t have the added luxury of being able to hightail it to the closest barber should things go terribly, terribly awry. The good news is, armed with the right equipment, cutting your own hair can liberate you from the tyranny of the every-two-weeks appointment and the, “Hey man, any chance I could swing by for a cut later today” texts.

For now, though, I wouldn’t recommend getting too jiggy with it. Just stick to what you already know works and proceed with caution. Start by giving yourself a cut that’s particularly suited to your head shape, and remember: upkeep is key.

Don’t be like me. Buy the right pair of hair clippers and do your best to avoid any at-home haircut debacles. Good luck out there, gentlemen. Godspeed.

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Bevel Trimmer


Bevel’s signature product is one of the best trimmers on the market today, and an ideal option for at-home touch-ups. The product’s easy-to-use dial system makes switching between a zero-gap situation and a (still very short) blade setting a cinch, while its soft-touch grip offers superior in-hand control to ensure there’s little room for accidental nicks and cuts when you’re going at it. 

Professional Black 5 Star Senior Clipper


Wahl is one of the biggest names when it comes to hair clippers, and its Professional 5 Star model is—no surprise—favored by pros in barbershops the world over, and has been for decades. The senior clipper allows easy adjustments to taper or texture on the fly, all without changing a blade, and also comes cordless if that’s more your thing. 

Philips Norelco OneBlade Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver

Philips Norelco

You can shave or trim with this guy, and unlike some other options designed for at-home use, it’s pretty damn good at giving you a clean edge where you need it. Philips’ trimmer might be more suited to beard maintenance than a full-on haircut, but if you’ve decided a fully—or very nearly—bald dome is the move, no one’s going to fault you for using the OneBlade to get it.

Andis 32400 Slimline Pro Lithium Ion T-Blade Trimmer


If you’re looking to replicate the super clean edges your barber leaves you with post-cut—but at home—go in without a guard and shape things up to your heart’s content. And for those about to buzz it all off, this is a great option too. FYI: The guards that come with this clipper only go up to a 3, so don’t expect to keep too much length all around. 

BaBylissPRO Barberology Cord/Cordless FlashFX Trimmer


Corded or cordless, it’s your call. BaByliss’ trimmer can go either way, and though its battery life is a little shorter than some of its competitors when unplugged—1.25 hours—that should still be more than enough time to tackle the back of your head without getting hung up on a cord. 

Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Cord/Cordless Detailer

Wahl Professional

Wahl’s T-shaped blade makes lineups a lot easier than they would be with a standard clipper. One thing to bear in mind: The guards for this guy only go up to 3/16″, so it’s best for very short haircuts, beard trims, and the aforementioned lineups.

Andis 74000 Professional Cordless T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer


Another T-shaped blade means another trimmer that’s particularly adept at giving you those clean, clean lines, especially around the ears. This one packs a lot of power into its cordless design, and the barbershop-ready build means you can rely on it even when you’re able to regularly venture outside your home for a cut again. 

Master Adjustable Blade Clipper


The Andis Master is a tried-and-true barbershop classic, in part because if you treat it correctly, it’ll be the only clipper you’ll ever need to invest in. The Master’s endearingly retro look masks an extremely powerful engine that can precisely cut through even the thickest thickets of hair with ease, which means your lockdown mane will be no match. The corded version spotlighted here is a bit less pricey, but Andis now sells an excellent cordless update to the style too.

Fast-Feed Clipper


The Oster Fast Feed is a corded clipper—and barbershop staple—ideal for maintaining close crops or fades. The Fast Feed is beloved for its overall durability, and won’t lose a bit of its signature power (or heat up excessively) at any point throughout the day. Far from being a burden, its 8 feet (!) of cord provide the length you need to move around freely in the makeshift salon that is your home, especially if you need to reach a faraway outlet tucked behind some dusty crevice in the bathroom. 

Professional Hair Clipper


It should come as little surprise that Panasonic is responsible for one of the most precisely engineered products in modern grooming. The brand’s hair clipper is a deceptively durable, professional-grade product that features a ruthlessly efficient linear motor and carbon blade that can cut from 0.8 to 2 millimeters without attachments, and up to 15 mm with ’em. The clipper also boasts a dial system that allows for seamlessly selecting different lengths on the go, all wrapped up in an impact-proof outer body so sleek it almost looks futuristic.  

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