Powering down: iPhone 12 battery rumors

It’s July and there are only a few months left for us to get in all the hatin’ on the iPhone 12 we can before it gets announced so let’s get to it.

Operators at the Forbes contributor network and Institute for the Advanced Study of Pudding Cups are standing by to tell you what a disappointment the iPhone 12 is going to be.

Gordon Kelly, as you might recall, spent all of last summer telling us how ugly the iPhone 11 camera bump was going to be and what a big problem that was for Apple. Turns out, big surprise, people actually like the look of the iPhone 11. Other companies sure do because they made their camera bumps look just like them.

But that was last year. This year you’re going to hate the inside of the new iPhone.

“Apple Reveals Serious Battery Problem For New iPhone 12 Models.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Alex.)

Everything is a serious problem for Kelly.

“Idris Elba’s Preference For Red Vines over Twizzlers Is A Serious Problem For The Incredibly Handsome And Talented Actor.”

To be fair, Kelly does the same thing to Samsung and everyone else. It’s not necessarily personal against Apple. It’s just designed to gin up clicks.