How to add a podcast by URL feed to Apple’s Podcasts app and other apps

When you want to subscribe to a podcast, it’s usually as easy as clicking a link—often a link labeled Add to Apple Podcasts or to another popular podcast app, like Castro, Overcast, and Pocket Casts.

However, I increasingly find that a benefit of membership to editorial sites, many kinds of creators’ patronage campaigns, and subscription podcast networks includes a custom podcast feed tailored to you or only available to members. In order to prevent this feed from becoming widely distributed, it’s sometimes made not quite as easy to add through a single click.

Here’s how to add a podcast feed to the four most-popular podcast apps.

Get the podcast URL

A podcast URL uses the RSS format for creating a machine-readable list of discrete entries, as in a blog. For podcasts, the RSS feed includes a special enclosure tag that podcast apps can interpret to download an audio file.

The plainest form of the URL, and the one that typically works reliably across all apps and services, starts with http:// or https:// and often ends with .rss. Custom feeds may instead end with a long code. For custom, paid, or membership feeds, the feed may be the only link or may be labeled as “Subscribe via RSS.”

Copy that link.

If you’re using a feed that requires logging into a website to use, you will also need to enter additional information into the podcast app when it attempts to retrieve the URL. (This login type is an ancient authentication system that browsers know how to handle but occurs outside a web page.)

Depending on the app, you may be able to avoid a cumbersome entry process and simply reformat the podcast URL to embed the username and password. It looks like this: