tvOS 14: Apple releases Public Beta 3, here’s how to get it

Apple’s tvOS isn’t its most popular operating system, but if you have an Apple TV, you definitely care about what each major new version brings.

With tvOS 13 (and subsequent point releases) we got a lot of big features like interface changes, Xbox and PlayStation controller support, multiple users, and Control Center. By comparison, the features coming in tvOS 14 are minor, but sometimes the little things makes all the difference. Here’s what you can expect when tvOS 14 launches this fall.

Update 07/23/20: Apple has released Public Beta 3 of tvOS 14.

How to get the tvOS 14 beta

If you’re a registered developer, you can go to to get a beta profile, which must then be installed on your Apple TV hardware through Xcode on a Mac.

Apple runs a public beta program for tvOS as well. You can register for it by going to, signing in with the same Apple ID you use on your Apple TV, and accepting all the terms and conditions.  Once you do that, you’ll need to enable beta updates on your Apple TV.

tvos14 beta update Apple

Make sure you’re signed in with the same Apple TV that you used to sign up for the beta.

On your Apple TV, launch the Settings app and select System, then Software Updates. You should see an option for Get Public Beta Updates. Enable that, then when a new beta is available, choose Update Software

4K YouTube videos

It is amazing that it has taken this long. No matter what video you watch on the YouTube app on your Apple TV 4K, it will only play back at a maximum of 1080p with no HDR.

With tvOS 14, the “latest YouTube videos” will play in full 4K. It’s not clear if this is because Apple finally decided to license the VP9 codec or if it only applies to videos that YouTube encodes in the new AV1 video format, but either way, it looks like the latest 4K YouTube stuff will actually play in 4K.