NBA investigating Williams’ movements outside bubble

The NBA is investigating Los Angeles Clippers guard Lou Williams while he was on an excused absence away from the NBA bubble in Orlando, Florida.

Williams was seen in an Instagram picture on Thursday night at Magic City gentleman’s club in Atlanta, posted by rapper Jack Harlow.

Despite Harlow later deleting it and claiming the picture was old, NBA security quizzed Williams about his activities and he did admit going to the club.

However, Williams maintained that no entertainers were present and that he went there for dinner after attending the viewing for the father of a close friend.

On Friday, Williams tweeted about the situation, saying “Ask any of my team-mates what’s my favourite restaurant in Atlanta is. Ain’t nobody partying. Chill out lol. #Maskon #inandout.”

Regardless, Clippers coach Doc Rivers was less than thrilled to be asked about the 33-year-old Williams, who is back in Orlando.

“I can’t share much with his journey. I wasn’t on that journey with him,” Rivers said.

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“But he’s back here, I can tell you that much. You know, obviously those (pictures) got out, and that’s something that we obviously didn’t enjoy seeing or like.”

Any investigation could mean a potentially longer quarantine period for Williams due to the league’s coronavirus policy.

Although Williams was tested for coronavirus each day since leaving the NBA bubble, players must serve a minimum four-day absence if they leave the campus.

But depending on the results of the investigation, Williams could now face a quarantine of 10 to 14 days.

Source : Sky Sports