iMac: New update imminent but rumored redesign is unlikely

The iMac is a direct descendant of the very first Mac, and it’s often the computer that longtime users think about when they think about the Macintosh. The iMac’s all-in-one design is popular and iconic.

The iMac is great for both novices and demanding users. It can handle general-purpose and heavy-duty tasks equally well. It’s ideal for someone who needs to buy a complete computer setup (keyboard, mouse or trackpad, and display) and wants to maximize workspace efficiency.

The current Retina iMac lineup was released in March 2019. The iMac Pro was released in December 2017. The standard iMac was release in June 2017.  If you’re in the market for an iMac, this guide will help you make the right choice. Apple has three versions of the iMac: the standard iMac, the iMac with Retina display, and the iMac Pro.

Editor’s note: Updated 7/27/20 with a rumor that an iMac refresh is reportedly on the way.

The latest: A refresh, not a redesign, is imminent

While we were all geared up for a new iMac redesign at Apple’s 2020 Worldwide Developers Conference, it never arrived. And now that a transition to Apple’s own processors, it’s looking that we won’t be getting one for a while. Noted leaker Jon Prosser says on Twitter than a new iMac is now due to arrive in August with the same design as before. He doesn’t speak to the rumors of AMD Navi GPUs and SSD drives, so those may be part of the refresh. And it’s an extremely safe bet that INtel processors will still be inside.

Standard iMac

imac Apple

Apple offers one standard iMac model. It’s priced at $1,099. It was originally released in June 2017.

Processor, memory, graphics, and storage: The $1,099 iMac has a 2.3GHz dual‑core Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of memory, and Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 integrated graphics. The 5,400-rpm drive has a capacity of 1TB.

You can’t upgrade the $1,099 iMac yourself after you buy it, so consider paying an extra $200 at the outset for a memory upgrade to 16GB. If you want to add more RAM later, you need to bring the iMac in to an Apple store. The $1,099 iMac also offers a Fusion Drive or a SSD upgrade.