The Best Linen Shirts Help You Summon Big Bohemian Vacation Energy From the Comfort of Your Home

Any time I think of linen—which is often—I always imagine some badass aunt in statement eyewear swanning around a classic craftsman-style cottage in Martha’s Vineyard in a billowy caftan holding a comically large, perpetually half-full glass of Pinot and, like, secretly stealing out the back door to rip a Parliament by the beach. What an absolute fucking vibe.

In my mind, there’s few fabrics more inextricably linked to summer than linen. Linen is a remarkably tactile material that drapes around your body in a way that feels downright sexy when done right, propensity to wrinkle and all. Like the beloved aunts that wear it best, linen ages gracefully, each wrinkle a new chapter in its story.

The right linen shirt also goes a long way in summoning big bohemian vacation energy from the comfort of your home. The best of ’em should be soft and fluttery, prone to swaying gently in welcome gusts of wind, especially when left half-unbuttoned as if casually thrown on as an afterthought. There’s a reason linen shirts remain a perennial staple of summer style: They’re super lightweight and immediately confer a certain degree of respectability on their wearer, regardless of whatever else he’s got on.

Still not convinced? Call your aunt and ask her yourself, you selfish prick. Call your aunt, period. Trust me, she’s way chiller than you. In the right linen shirt, though, you might stand a fighting chance in actually getting in on one of those covert smoke breaks.

Be cool, player. Act like you’ve been there before.

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Linen Stand Collar Shirt



The best damn stand collar shirt you can buy for less than fifty bucks, bar none. 

Slim Fit Linen Button-Up Shirt

Club Monaco


Aaah, fuck. I take it back, I take it back. It’s a tie!

Linen Cuban Shirt



Shit, they’re still coming, huh? Don’t say I never did anything for you. 

Heat Print Short Sleeve Shirt



My god, it’s like looking directly at a priceless *collects enough phlegm in back of throat to correctly pronounce name* Van Gogh. 

Organic Cotton-Linen Open Collar Shirt



A linen shirt made with some serious R&R in mind. 

Canty Indigo Stripe Shirt

Saturdays NYC


Still one of the best sources for all your camp-collar needs each summer. 

Yussef Shirt Jacket

Nicholas Daley


Yes, there’s only an XXS left. You still seriously expect me not to include this?!

Safari Linen Shirt Jacket

Emanuele Maffeis


A Made in Italy take from a storied shirting company that’s been making ’em there since the ’50s. 

Blue Western Shirt

Double Rainbouu


Go west, young man! 

Yellow Box Short Sleeve Shirt

Our Legacy


The only legacy I want to leave is being the owner of this very good shirt. 

La Chemise Henri Shirt



Jacquemus is French so the brand can just pull off questionable things like calling its shirts “chemises” and then superimposing s of produce on top of ’em. 

Indigo-Dyed Printed Linen Shirt

Blue Blue Japan


Mmm. *Licks lips* Another BBJ sandwich for lunch!  

Tie-Dyed Organic Linen and Cotton-Blend Shirt

Story Mfg.


For some reason, every time I spot a piece from Story Mfg. I swear to god the “Fresh Prince” theme song starts playing in my head. Now, this is a story all about how (I saw this shirt and) my life got flipped—turned upside down.  

Garment-Dyed Grandad-Collar Shirt

Massimo Alba


Your grandad could never. 

Patchwork Linen and Cotton-Blend Shirt



Patch me up, daddy. 

Patch Pocket Linen Shirt



She like them bottles with bubbles in it/Buy her Loewe and other linen! 

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