Philippines: Guidelines for the management of the dead in COVID-19 pandemic for those of Christian faith

(File photo: Ryan Ang/ICRC) A woman visits the grave of a deceased loved one at the Davao City Public Cemetery.

The Delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to the Philippines has provided support to the Government of the Philippines along with both governmental and non-governmental agencies in all efforts and cooperation to handle and to manage COVID-19.

ICRC extends its gratitude and appreciation to religious leaders, traditional customs leaders and community leaders who have actively participated in delivering important messages related to COVID-19 guidelines on management of the dead for Christian burials.

To clarify some of the key messages that have been circulated, this document contains a summary of information related to Management of the Dead with COVID-19 which we compiled based on references from authorities, international agencies, Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, and the recommendations from the ICRC Forensic Unit. This message is disseminated in order to uphold human dignity, for the benefit of both the living and the dead.

Source : Icrc