CS Plays: Ghost of Tsushima Walkthrough Video

CS Plays: Ghost of Tsushima Walkthrough Video

Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima rocks. The combat is killer, the visuals are amazing, and the storyline actually packs an emotional wallop. In case you needed further proof that this game is an absolute must play for video game enthusiasts, here is a quick video showing off one of the game’s big battles. Check out the Ghost of Tsushima walkthrough video in the player below! Click here to read our full review of the game!

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The scene in question comes about midway through the game when an army of Mongolians attacks a fortress and forces Jin, the titular Ghost of Tsushima, to take matters into his own hands. The sequence shows off the various forms of combat at the player’s disposal, the lush visuals of this amazing world, and one of the many duels players engage in throughout the campaign. It’s an absolute blast!

As always, focus more on the game design itself and not so much on my shoddy gameplay. There are a lot of switches and stuff.

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