25 Steals from Huckberry’s Can’t-Miss Summer Sale

Welcome to Add to Cart, a (semi)regular segment that spotlights the best pieces of menswear to buy at a bargain from across the web.

There’s no two ways about it: Now’s definitely a weird time to be shopping. Between the full-blown global pandemic and the sense of economic precariousness it’s engendered I don’t blame you in the slightest if your mind’s elsewhere. (Dear reader: Mine definitely is.)

But if you were desperately trying to forget about all that (sorry, man) for one brief moment this bleak almost-weekend, I’ve got some good news. Because Huckberry is back with another blowout summer sale, and if you’d like nothing more than to lose yourself in the therapeutic release of the seemingly endless scroll, the retailer’s selection of discounted goods offers some sweet, sweet relief.

Now also happens to be a weird time to be shopping because of how damn fast this summer’s been going by. *Checks calendar* It’s…August already, G. Am I supposed to be trying to shore up my tee collection in a last-ditch effort to lock down a signature summer look or scrap that entirely and start planning for the slightly cooler days ahead?! Beats me, man. Why not have it both ways? Huckberry’s currently offering steep discounts on a wide array of rugged staples and sure, there’s plenty of summer-ready wares available, but—as any savvy shopper with an eye towards fall (yes, fall!) will notice—there’s also a shit ton of spicy cooler-weather options.

To help you narrow down the field, we went through the whole lot of ’em and picked out some of the best to get your search started. Happy scrolling, people. Hang in there.

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Wild Camping Tee

Roark Revival huckberry.com


The simple printed tee that’ll help you channel one of the most stylish stars around. 


Huckberry huckberry.com


And the accompanying shades to match. 

Big Bear Fleece Walkshort

Banks Journal huckberry.com


Cornerstone Corduroy Shorts

Howler Brothers huckberry.com


The easiest way to borrow some of the effortless cool of ’70s surfer style. 

Vacation Stripe SS Shirt

Rhythm huckberry.com


Vacation vibes. 

Cotton/Linen Breton Thin Stripe Tee

Armor-Lux huckberry.com


Modern day armo(u)r in a thick, comfortable weave. 

Blue Gradient

Bather Trunk Co. huckberry.com


Très Parisien, très chic. Translation: Trunks you should (très much?) cop. 

Champ Denim

Portuguese Flannel huckberry.com


The rugged denim button-down, refined.  

NY Crew Champion RW Crewneck

Only NY huckberry.com


New York City, make some fucking noise. 

Portuguese Flannel Dogtown

Portuguese Flannel huckberry.com


Show me a shirt that doesn’t look substantially better with a camp collar. No, really. I’ll wait. 

Gaucho Snapshirt

Howler Brothers huckberry.com


Jellyfish, just for you.  

Cuba Collar Terry

OAS huckberry.com


Like a long, idyllic day spent by the beach, captured in shirt form.  

Chore Coat

Flint and Tinder huckberry.com


Fuuuck, man. Look at all those pockets! Think of all the shit you could potentially store (or tell yourself you could store) in those. 

Truckee Jacket

Knickerbocker huckberry.com


A classic corduroy trucker in a dusty brown color way. (With more pockets!) 

Summer Acid Plaid Western

Corridor NYC huckberry.com


A super comfortable cotton flannel you can actually wear year round. 


Malibu huckberry.com


Add ’em to the list. 

Silveira Embroidered SSBD

La Paz huckberry.com


What was it I was saying about camp collars? Oh, right. 

Flyweight Flex Chino

Relwen huckberry.com


A pair of hard pants you’ll actually look forward to wearing. (Some day soon…maybe?)

Cabin Fleece Jacket

Forét huckberry.com


Man, I, for one, can’t fucking wait for fall. Miss me with this summer shit. 

Western Shirt LSBD

Freemans Sporting Club huckberry.com


Big-time classic Americana energy (and, fittingly, made right here in the US of A). 

Fleece Blanket Shirt Jacket

Outerknown huckberry.com


As soft as your coziest blanket but with a zip-front closure. 

Artemis Design Co. Kilim Loafer

Artemis Design Co. huckberry.com


Bonded Rag-Wool CPO

Relwen huckberry.com


More outerwear, man. Winter is coming. (I mean, at some point, right?)

Desert Field Jacket

Flint and Tinder huckberry.com


C’mon. You can’t really fault me for including shit like this field jacket when there’s that many pockets on the thing. You know I’m a sucker for the pockets. 

Bedale Casual

Barbour huckberry.com


Spring ain’t the only season with sudden, torrential downpours. Prepare yourself. 

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