Incessant sirens as dazed, bloodied people wander devastated Beirut

I was at Sky’s offices, which is slap bang in the middle of downtown Beirut, when there was a huge explosion.
The windows caved in, tearing apart the facade of the building I was in.

Once the dust settled, I managed to get myself and others in the building block outside.

Image: An injured man rests in a chair after the blast

The building was covered in dust and smoke.
Windows, doors and glass shattered across downtown Beirut.


Image: Cars overturned in the blast

Image: A large plume of smoke is seen after the explosion
While I tried to walk towards the plume of smoke near the port area, I saw a lot of very dazed, bloody people walking around trying to gather their bearings.

Blood covered their faces and clothes and it was quite a worrying scene.

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Huge fireball after secondary Beirut blast
There is still no confirmation of what exactly caused the huge explosion.
But very visibly, from where I am in downtown Beirut, you could see plumes of black smoke coming from further away in the port area.

Image: Firefighter douse a blaze at the scene

Image: A damaged vehicle is seen at the site of an explosion in Beirut, Lebanon August 4, 2020. REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir
Me, and probably many others who work and live in this incredibly busy part of Beirut, were dealing with the repercussions and aftermath of the explosion.
Thankfully I only have light grazes, but nothing serious. And it seems like the people who were with me and other offices and apartments in this building were okay.

Witness: ‘I couldn’t hear anymore’
The sounds of sirens of the fire brigade, ambulances, the police and also the military were incessant in the 45 minutes after the explosion.
A huge number of emergency services and security forces rushed to the area.

Image: A shockwave during an explosion in Beirut. Pic: Karim Sokhn/Instagram/Ksokhn + Thebikekitchenbeirut

Image: Smoke rises after an explosion in Beirut. Pic: Karim Sokhn/Instagram/Ksokhn + Thebikekitchenbeirut/Reuters
It is a very worrying time for Lebanon at the moment – but one doesn’t want to speculate at this time what has caused the explosion.
There are some rumours that are circulating on Lebanese local media that an industrial accident may have caused the explosion in the port rather than anything more pernicious.

Source : Sky News