Hanging out with chefs gave Selena Gomez a taste of something different

That’s why she on her new HBO Max series, “Selena + Chef,” she enlists the help of top chefs like Antonia Lofaso, Ludo Lefebvre and Roy Choi. (HBO Max, like CNN, is owned by WarnerMedia.)
In the ten-episode series, premiering August 13, the superstar performer puts her kitchen skills to the test as she tackles dishes with the virtual help of her experts, who guide Gomez from their own kitchens.
The show was filmed amid the coronavirus pandemic, so in addition to the chefs helping Gomez via video chat, the production had several Covid precautions in place, including remote cameras inside Gomez’s home, according to executive producer Aaron Saidman.
“There was something…special about the fact that Selena was still kind of on her own, having to fumble her way through and figure things out, even though she had an expert professional helping her out,” Saidman told reporters Wednesday afternoon in a virtual press event.
“I didn’t burn my house down, though. That’s the good news,” Gomez joked.
Gomez added that she saw the show as an “opportunity to make something that could make people smile.”
“I hope you’re gonna laugh because I look like a fool,” she said.
Other chefs set to make guest appearances on the series include Angelo Sosa, Candice Kumai, Daniel Holzman, Jon & Vinny, Nancy Silverton, Nyesha Arrington and Tonya Holland.

Source : Cnn