iOS 14: 5 great hidden features you should know about

When you first upgrade to iOS 14, either in beta or when it releases in the fall, you’ll be treated to some big obvious improvements. The new, more customizable home screen with widgets and the App Library will make an immediate difference in how you use your iPhone. You’ll discover the usefulness of picture-in-picture video right away.

But some of iOS 14’s best features aren’t the ones Apple pops up tutorial cards for; they’re buried layers deep in Settings or hidden behind interface actions you don’t make every day. Some of the best stuff in iOS 14 you wouldn’t know about if someone didn’t point it out.

Hey, we’re someone! Allow us to point out some of our favorite lesser-known and hard-to-find features of iOS 14.

Headphone Accommodations

If you open Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual, you’ll see a new setting up top for Headphone Accommodations. This menu allows you to tweak the sound output on supported Apple and Beats headphones to bring out vocals more or make the sound “brighter.”

A custom audio setup function will run a series of A/B tests to help you hone in on just the right settings for you.

ios14 headphone accommodations IDG

Even if you’re not hard of hearing, running through the Hearing Accommodations setup can make your AirPods sound better.

While this is intended to be an accessibility feature for those who are hard of hearing, it’s going to really improve sound quality for millions of people. As you age, you lose sensitivity to high frequency sound, and these settings can help restore that when you listen to music, watch video, or talk on the phone.

Back tap

ios14 back tap IDG

Double- or Triple-tap the back of your iPhone to launch a variety of system functions, or even Shortcuts.

Another accessibility settings that everyone might find useful, iOS 14 allows you to set specific functions to a double-tap or triple-tap on the back of your iPhone.

Head to Settings > Accessibility > Touch and look for Back Tap at the bottom of the screen.