Riot police fire tear gas at protesters as anger grows over Beirut explosion

Tear gas has been fired in Beirut as people protesting against the government’s handling of this week’s explosion tried to reach the parliament building.
Riot police took action as about 5,000 people gathered in the central Martyrs’ Square and attempted to break through a barrier.

“The people want the fall of the regime,” protesters chanted, adding: “Leave, you are all killers.”

Image: Demonstrators run away from tear gas fired by riot police
Makeshift gallows and nooses have been set up.
Sky News correspondent Alex Rossi, who is there, said residents have been “enormously angry” since the explosion happened, adding: “People here want to – metaphorically at least – hang their political class.”


He said there was a “huge amount of structural damage to the buildings” and hardly any windows have glass in them.
The number of dead has risen to 158, the Lebanese health ministry said. At least 6,000 have been injured, while 21 people remain missing.

Source : Sky News