One good apple: It does not improve the whole bunch

Long time readers of this furry pontificator might have noticed something strange in last week’s column. Last week the Macalope approvingly linked to a piece on the Forbes contributor network. Needless to say, this caused a certain amount of consternation.

So, let us return to the subject of the Forbes contributor network and bag of live eels dinner delivery service (motto: “If your eels aren’t delivered live, we’ve pivoted to being a bad of dead eels dinner delivery service”).

While there is often some good content on it, there is often content that is… not.

Let’s take a look at a couple of pieces from Forbes contributor Stephen McBride. In January of 2019, McBride predicted “The End of Apple” because the price of the iPhone is too darn high! Then in August of the same year, he opined that “Dark Days Are Closing in on Apple.”

That one is technically accurate as dark days were closing in on us all, but still a bit wide of the mark by most reasonable standards.

According to McBride, falling iPhone unit sales mean we’re entering a post-iPhone era and…

The post-iPhone era won’t be kind to Apple’s stock

You folks ever watch Holey Moley? It’s a very dumb show and the Macalope means that in the best possible way. One of the great things about the show is how they interview people before their turn and they’ll say “I AM GOING TO DESTROY THE COMPETITION!” And then two minutes later a lifeguard is fishing them out of the water because they got walloped by a padded windmill blade.

The Macalope’s not sure why he was reminded of that just now. Maybe something about wild predictions. I dunno.