Should women box 12 three-minute rounds?

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Last Updated: 14/08/20 6:18am

Shannon Courtenay reveals the NHS tribute on her shorts
Shannon Courtenay reveals the NHS tribute on her shorts

Shannon Courtney insists that female boxers would get more knockouts if they were allowed to box three-minute rounds.

Even world championship fights, like Katie Taylor vs Delfine Persoon on August 22 live on Sky Sports Box Office, are set for 10 rounds of two minutes instead of the 12 three-minute rounds that men traditionally box.

Courtenay will aim to extend her unbeaten record to six bouts tonight against Rachel Ball, live on Sky Sports Action and Mix at 7pm from Fight Camp – they will meet for eight two-minute rounds.

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“I would love to do three-minute rounds, it would play into my hands perfectly,” Courtenay said.

“Obviously we get asked this question so, a long time ago, I did my research into why we are not allowed to do three-minute rounds.

“I understand it. I don’t agree with it.”

Courtenay aims to extend her record to 6-0
Courtenay aims to extend her record to 6-0

In 2017 the WBC backed a medical study and said that two-minute rounds for women would “limit the dehydration and the fatigue elements to lower as much as possible the risk to a tragedy”.

Nicola Adams became the first British women to box a three-minute round in her second pro outing in 2017, although it was the only time she did so in her six-fight career.

Courtenay said: “I would much prefer three-minute rounds, and 12 rounds for championship fights, not 10.”

She insisted that shorter rounds make it harder to achieve knockouts.

“It’s ridiculous. Do you know how hard it is to come out, plot something, get your feet into range, land a shot, get them hurt? Then they only have to hold on for another 30 seconds,” Courtenay said.

“Whereas if you’ve got another minute you can finish them off.

“It’s so hard, with two-minute rounds, to get the game-plan correct, execute it and finish it.

“It’s difficult because, the moment you realise something, the bell has gone again.

“All of my training, everything I do, is three minutes. So I feel comfortable with three minutes. In the amateurs I did three minutes and felt comfortable.

“But do I think it’s going to change any time soon? No.”

A big Shannon Courtenay KO!
A big Shannon Courtenay KO!

Courtenay’s opponent Ball has warned: “I believe in myself wholeheartedly, I’m in the best shape of my life even through a global pandemic. It will be a great fight and I’m feeling confident of getting the win.

“We only have to stand next to each other to realise there is a dramatic height difference.

“I’d question whether there are any girls taller than me at my weight in the world.

“I am a tall girl and I use that to my advantage. I have fought a lot of small opponents.

“They always say: ‘Get onto her chest!’

“Try that all you want but I’ve been doing this for so many years. I’m used to it, when I get in the ring.

“I will be too much power for her. I am strong. I don’t have the knockouts on my record but I’ve been fighting at a higher weight where there have been opportunities.

“I will be strong, too dynamic and too experienced over the later rounds.”

Courtenay shot back: “I’d rather be the shorter fighter in a fight. It plays into my hands.

“If she wants to keep me long, we’ve got a game-plan for it. If she wants to trade with me? Even better.”

Source : Sky Sports