A Lightweight Sweater Is the Right Way to Handle Summer’s Wildly Out-of-Whack Temperatures

Let’s be honest: Climate change and the miracle of modern AC have basically rendered most differences between the seasons meaningless, and being cooped up inside all day for months on end definitely hasn’t helped. It could be anywhere between 15 and 105 degrees outside right now and I’d have no idea either way.

A lightweight sweater will save you the effort of trying to climate-control the fuck out of every room in your apartment after listlessly shuffling around the place for hours in a desperate bid to find your new work nook. (Listen, man. It’s not the apartment. It’s you. You’re the problem. Stop blaming everything on your living room’s “lack of positive energy” and get a grip. There are people with real issues out there.) And that’s not even getting into the time you waste swapping out, like, shorts/socks for sweatpants/no socks every few hours or so in your endless search for some happy medium between sweltering Saharan heat and crisp Arctic chill. Spoiler alert: There is no in-between. There never will be. There is only suffering.

Why not skip all the headache and throw on a lightweight sweater, the solution to any and all wild fluctuations in temperature this summer? The right summer-ready sweaters are bright and airy—often made from linen, cotton, or a blend of the two—and feature bold patterns and sometimes-zany graphics guaranteed (or your money back!) to turn you into the Zoom star you were always meant to be.

Linen Blended Cardigan

Uniqlo uniqlo.com


A lightweight linen number you should absolutely throw on over your tee before any big virtual meetings. 

The No-Sweat Sweater

Everlane everlane.com


Specifically designed to stop you from sweating at all costs. 

Embroidered Logo Sweater

Awake NY ssense.com


Lime green never looked so high-key cool. 

Long Sleeve Stripe Polo Sweater

Todd Snyder toddsnyder.com


A perfectly fitting polo/sweater hybrid you can—and should!—wear year round. 

Crewneck Sweater

Maxhosa Africa maxhosa.africa


Made out of a linen and viscose blend super soft to the touch (and super slinky on the body).  

Unicorns Intarsia Knitted Sweater

Iggy mrporter.com


A slouchy style that won’t weigh you down, designed to hit you with a heavy dose of childhood whimsy. 

Linen and Cotton-Blend Sweater

Altea mrporter.com


A short-sleeve sweater (from the Milanese knitwear masters at Altea, no less) is the best of many, many worlds. 

Moon Allover Turtleneck

Marine Serre ssense.com


The Beyoncé-endorsed young design talent you should definitely know, and the signature product she’s famous for. 

Striped Colour-Block Cotton Cardigan

Aimé Leon Dore mrporter.com


Retro in all the ways a sweater is supposed to be right now.  

Gote Open-Knit Cotton-Blend Cardigan

Séfr mrporter.com


Like something your grandmother, bless her heart, would pull out of her closet on a whim some random Wednesday. (Grandmothers are classy like that.) 

Striped Cotton and Linen-Blend Sweater

Polo Ralph Lauren mrporter.com


Wear the rainbow. 

Kakashi Printed Cotton-Jersey Cardigan

KAPITAL mrporter.com


Knitted Pattern Detail Sweater

A-Cold-Wall* farfetch.com


Sorry, sir, is that a mustard stain right there or an intentional part of your (dope-ass) sweater? 

Swim Turleneck

Takahiromiyashita TheSoloist. ssense.com


Like the sun-protective swimwear your parents made you wear as a kid (what, only me?) but way, way sicker. 

Tie-Dye Sweater

Off-White farfetch.com


A tie-dye sweater from Off-White in shades of…off white (and, fine, gray). 

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