The 13 Coolest New Menswear Picks to Scoop This Week

This week was a very good week for collabs. Sure, sure, there are more than enough of those to go around these days, but by some stroke of luck (in 2020? Holy shit) the team-ups arriving this week are actually really damn cool. Dickies and Obey threw the now-iconic Andre the Giant logo on some classic workwear and (forgive me) it works. Neighborhood and Burton came together to release some expertly pre-distressed denim pieces, along with a reversible velvet jacket that you can expect to pop up on the secondary market pretty much immediately. Even Metallica got in on the action, releasing a couple of boots with Wolverine, 100 percent of the profits from which will go to schools educating folks in the skilled trades. Exciting stuff, and that’s not even mentioning all the recently released bangers created by (gasp!) just one brand. Here are 13 picks you don’t want to miss.

Fleece Sweatpants

Fear of God Essentials


Go on. Get another pair of sweatpants.

99 Cent Pizza Printed Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt



Arguably a much better investment than an actual 99-cent slice.

Work Shirt

Obey x Dickies


Andre the Giant on a classic navy work shirt? Hell, yes.

Work Pant

Obey x Dickies


Actually, while you’re at it, might as well turn it into a matching set.

222 Banda Astoriazz Track Pants



Something about the generalized madness of the world at this particular moment seems to say, “Fuck it, get the blaze orange track pants.” Who are we to argue?

Denim 4-Pocket Jacket

Burton Mine77 x Neighborhood


Face it: Your lifestyle does not lend itself well to creating perfectly worn-in, paint-flecked chore coats on your own. No problem. Just get this one.

Painter Pants

Freemans Sporting Club


Pink corduroy painter pants? Abso-fuckin’-lutely. These are part of an ongoing archive sale from FSC, which stretches back years, offers some serious discounts, and is entirely worthy of your attention.

Button-Down Collar Logo-Embroidered Cotton-Corduroy Shirt

Billionaire Boys Club


Like your favorite Western shirt, but more corduroy-y.

Low Vulcanized Sneaker



Shades of gray from…Off-White.

Macca Grandad-Collar Indigo- and Tie-Dyed Textured-Cotton Shirt

11.11/eleven eleven


Your grandad could never. (Or, if he could, gigantic props to the old man.)

N°11 Splatterfact Vote



A little teal and orange paint, for extra personality. And a portion of the proceeds goes to When We All Vote.

Tie-Dyed Knitted Linen T-Shirt

Our Legacy


For every late-summer chill sesh. (And every one of your waviest fall fits, too.)

Hellcat Work Boots

Wolverine x Metallica Scholars


Some real, beat-’em-to-hell stompers, complete with a custom Metallica logo and profits going to a good cause to (sorry) boot.

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