Dynamic duo: The iPhone 12 has already lost

Step aside, unannounced iPhone 12! Even though we haven’t seen you yet, you’re not 2020’s new hotness. What’s hot is this other phone that won’t sell in nearly as many numbers.

Sorry, the Macalope doesn’t make the rules. Or even understand them.

Writing for the Forbes contributor network and home for wayward opinions, Ewan Spence says “Microsoft’s Exciting Surface Duo Will Fight Apple’s Boring iPhone 12.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Sam.)

Has there ever been a future product from Microsoft that didn’t win? How could a foldable Android phone from Redmond be any different?

Pundits usually decry the iPhone as boring every year the outside doesn’t change. This year the outside is expected to change but thankfully Microsoft has stepped up to provide a new and completely unreasonable set of goalposts for pundits to claim Apple must hit.

But Apple is not in the business of making wacky new form factors that might be cool but are unlikely to appeal to a wide swath of customers.

Now there’s an even more provocative move… Microsoft is going head to head with Apple.

An update to the article the following day reads:

The unique form factor of the Duo will not always match up perfectly with an iPhone head-to-head.

You don’t say. That was certainly a rollercoaster of expectations.