The 19 Best Flannel Shirts to Buy Now and Wear Until They Disintegrate

Man, is there any one wardrobe staple that’s had a rougher go of it recently than the flannel? I mean, shit. First it finds itself co-opted by the selvedge-worshipping American masses (read: a tiny subset of extremely online dudes way too excited at the idea of making a pilgr to the Cone Mills factory or something) only to resurface a few years later as streetwear’s latest favorite canvas a la labels like Pyrex Vision. (You remember those Rugby blanks, man? Better times.)

Right about now, the flannel’s probably feeling a bit confused. Isn’t its status as an iconic, generation-spanning emblem of disaffected youth enough? I’d be a little lost too, to be honest. Fuck, are we inadvertently responsible for the flannel’s existential crisis? I can’t have that shit weighing on my conscience, dude. We need to set the record straight, like, now.

The truth is, the flannel’s wide-ranging appeal speaks to the timeless nature of its design. There really is one for everyone, from your grungy younger brother, who prefers his long and slouchy, to your deeply disappointed dad, who prefers his sturdy and substantial enough to stand up to the residual debris it’ll encounter as an accessory to any grisly household chores. And to flannels everywhere: My sincerest apologies on behalf of menswear enthusiasts around the world for the last decade or so. You are enough. And you’re perfect just the way you are. Don’t ever change.

Gingham Check Quarter Zip Shirt



A sleek, decidedly modern rendition of a fall classic, all for less than fifty bucks. What more, really, can you ask for?

Natural Dye Fjord Flannel Shirt



And its sturdy, hard-wearing counterpart—also for less than $50! 

Shadow Plaid Flannel Button-Down Shirt

Standard Cloth


The first of—I assure you—one of the many camp collar options featured here. 

Chamois Flannel Shirt

L.L. Bean


At the end of the day, few brands do flannel better than the Bean. It’s like the fabric is in the label’s damn DNA. 

Mulberry Flannel Shirt

Only NY


The only (heh) flannel you’ll need this fall. 

The Modern Flannel Shirt



Soft, sturdy, and supremely comfortable is, indeed, how a modern flannel should look and feel. 

Guetes Flannel Shirt



More camp-collar goodness, this time of BLDWN’s brushed-cotton number. 

Tartan Heritage Flannel Shirt



About as classic as they come (but with a subtle chambray lining at the yoke to keep things interesting). 

Camp-Collar Checked Flannel Shirt



Further proof that if you slap a camp collar on any given button-down it’ll make said shirt roughly 25 percent doper. 

Grey Flannel Plaid Shirt

Noah NYC


What did I tell you? I told you. 

Embroidered Rose Flannel Shirt

Awake NY


No thorns here.

Hemi Oversized Flannel Shirt

John Elliott


A typically relaxed take of a master of laid-back L.A. cool that features an extra roomy fit and a sweet raw hem.  

Checked Cotton-Flannel Shirt



A super-soft flannel you should feel comfortable rocking anywhere and everywhere this fall. 

Oversized Checked Flannel Shirt

Acne Studios


An almost-conventional take from the cheeky Swedes at Acne Studios cut to fit big and boxy, the exact way a flannel should right now. 

Red Check Oversize Flannel Shirt



*Very incredulous Allen Iverson voice* We talking about pockets?!  

Long Sleeve Plaid Button-Up

Fear of God


A longline flannel mean to fit big from the brand that effectively put the silhouette on the map—and still does it best. 

White & Blue Lumberjack Shirt



Embroidered tree graphics and a corduroy collar make for a welcome dose of added autumnal energy.  

Grandad-Collar Frayed Cotton-Flannel Shirt

Greg Lauren


A vintage-inspired flannel that’s as thoroughly frayed as your nerves.  

Grey Check Arrows Stencil Shirt



A seemingly straightforward option from a brand famous for subverting classic streetwear tropes—until, that is, you get to the tonal arrow logo (dare I say…subtly?) printed on the back. 

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