The Best Rain Boots to Keep Your Feet Dry (and Your Fit On Point)

Before we all found ourselves indefinitely trapped indoors, rainy days used to be cause for serious concern. How many of us remember nervously refreshing the weather app lying in bed to make sure the fit we spent the better part of an hour cooking up in our head would still work, rain or shine? (Oh, word. Only me? Figures.)

Weather has always been, and will always be, the X factor clothing enthusiasts around the world are constantly trying to solve for, and if you’re anything like me—i.e. fucking terrible at math—you’ll be happy to hear there’s a damn near failsafe solution to the problem. Namely, investing in a pair of rain-ready shoes.

Now, don’t get me wrong: There’s something weirdly gratifying about being stuck indoors when it’s raining out, like your reluctance to go outside is somehow a fat middle finger to the weather. Fuck you, weather! I’m posted up in my apartment whether I like it not, and no amount of sunshine you throw my way as a small can change that. Rain all you want, your boy is staying locked down. I got nowhere to go, man. I’m not even entirely sure I remember what it’s like out there. Is rain still all wet and shit?

But regardless of how often you’re venturing outside right now, there will come a day in the not-so distance future when you’ll be deeply grateful you copped a pair of rain shoes. Because, as the age-old adage goes, there’s no such thing as bad weather—only bad clothes. With that in mind, we rounded up a few of our favorite shitty weather shoes to save you from any and all imminent rainy-day footwear conundrums. To paraphrase Ron Burgundy: Stay dry, San Diego. And, uh, everywhere else. You guys too.

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Cheyanne II Boots



Sorel’s Cheyanne shoes are like a sleeker, blacked-out take on the classic Bean boot, complete with the same type of waterproof construction that makes the iconic silhouette they pay tribute to a rainy-weather staple. 

Original Short Rain Boots



$105.66 (25% off)

The OG rain boot through and through (with two Royal Warrants to prove it) is no worse for wear after all these years and still a damn good option for the wellies purists among us. 

Nerf Boots



Camper’s footwear is rooted in an abiding appreciation for the outdoors. The Spanish brand’s Nerf boots are made out of a thick, hard-wearing leather that’s been specially treated to stand up to the elements, and come with chunky EVA outsoles for added traction you’ll be thankful for on any rain-soaked city street. 

Basic Waterproof Boot



Diehard adherents to the cult of the Timb might look down on any boot that’s not the brand’s classic silhouette, but for my money, this slightly sleeker take on the style is where it’s at. (New York, what’s good?!) 

Hybrid City Hiker Boot



Coach’s hybrid style combines the best of a few worlds in a boot made out of suede, leather, and an ultra-durable (and water-resistant) lightweight Cordura, then finished off with a super-sturdy sole from—where else?—Vibram.

Xarr Shoe



I’ll admit, the Xarr is certainly an oddly-named shoe. But Nike’s water-resistant absolute unit of a sneaker is made using a tough as hell leather upper made to help you stay dry, no Gore-Tex needed.  

Stormers Boot

Cat Footwear


Cat’s absolute unit of a boot is a made out of a thick waterproof rubber specially-designed for wet conditions. The brand’s Stormer collection offers best-in-class traction, coupled with some serious slip-resistant stabilization features.  

Moab 2 Mid Tactical Waterproof Boot



Merrell’s tactical Moab boot is made out of a waterproofed leather and textile mix and boasts an abrasion-resistant rubber toe cap that’ll protect your feet at all costs, along with a ridged Vibram sole. 

Snowplow Chelsea Boot



Dr. Martens has pretty much had the market cornered on ultra-durable footwear for a minute now, and the British brand’s signature heavily cushioned shoes—like the Chelsea boots here, which come with specially-treated Wintergrip soles—are ready-made for anything the elements send their way.  

Classic Mini Urban Tech Waterproof Boot



Man, I might be bugging but something about these boots looks so damn good right now, like they’re the lovechild of a some lesser-known Tom Sachs-designed sneaker and your favorite housewife’s favorite house shoe. 

Original 500 Classic Boot



Blundstones aren’t technically waterproof, but ask anyone who’s worn a pair on a rainy day (or stepped ankle-deep into a puddle with them on) and they’ll tell you: These are great rain boots. Your feet will stay dry in all but the most ridiculously wet conditions.

Premium Waterproof Boot



Okay, okay, I caved. If those other Timbs weren’t working for you, don’t worry: These’ll do the trick.

Gore-Tex/Thinsulate Bean Boots

L.L. Bean


What’s left to say about L.L. Bean’s iconic namesake boot that hasn’t already been addressed ad nauseam in any of the many, many message boards where its fanatic devotees congregate? The shoe is a genuine icon for a reason, and since the brand stepped up distribution of the style not too long ago it’s never been easier to get your hands on a pair. 

Kaha Gore-Tex Boots

Hoka One One


It’s no secret we’re big fans of what the team at Hoka has been doing lately, but the French brand founded by two ex-Salomon employees has really outdone itself here. Made from a lightweight Gore-Tex—with thick Vibram soles for added traction—the Kaha looks like the type of boot that scoffs in the face of inclement weather, yelling “Bring it on!” into the stormy abyss. 

Black & Orange Security Boots

Heron Preston


Heron Preston’s security boots look like they don’t take shit from anybody, let alone the pesky old elements. Ankle-high and heavily padded, the style comes ready to kick some serious inclement-weather ass, Vibram rubber outsole and all. 

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