Screen mismatch in Keynote? There’s a button to fix that

Almost everything about Keynote is good to great. Apple created a version of the software originally for Steve Jobs’s presentations, and effectively rolled that out to all Mac users. It reflects his aesthetics and Apple’s. But there’s one setting that I’ve seen bedevil people—and if you search for an answer, you’re unlikely to find it, because of the way you have to formulate the question!

Three years ago, I was at a wood printing type aficionados gathering on the shores of Lake Michigan, when my friend and mentor Jenny had a crisis with her presentation. Despite the help of an expert A/V manager, in Keynote’s presentation mode, they could only get the slideshow part to appear on her laptop, while the presenter’s notes showed up on screen.

A single click solves the problem, but Keynote almost hides the answer, because some buttons on the presenter’s display fade away unless the mouse has recently been jiggled.

If your presentation is active on a two-monitor (laptop plus projector or two-screen system), via Play > Play Slideshow, the “second” screen shows an array of tools for a presenter. Move the mouse to its upper-right corner, and buttons appear. Wait a moment and they’re gone again.

Those buttons from left to right are show/hide keyboard shortcuts, customize presenter display, switch displays, and exit slide show.

Click the third button—switch displays—and the slideshow and presenter display swaps screens. It’s that easy, but that difficult to find! The next time you’re watching someone struggle with putting their tools on the correct display, you can whip out this bit of wisdom and help the show go on!

mac911 keynote switch displays callouts IDG

The Switch Displays button disappears if you haven’t moved the mouse recently.

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