The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), an independent humanitarian organization working to protect and assist victims of armed conflict and other situations of violence worldwide, welcomes nominations for its 2020 Award for Humanitarian Reporting.

COVID-19 has changed lives all over the world. The Palestinian Territory is not an exception. In addition to the restrictions of movement on Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza, the pandemic has added to feelings of isolation among the population, much of whom have faced confinement for an uncertain period of time.  Feelings of irritability and restlessness, feeling low and lethargic, lack of patience, low-stress tolerance, difficulty concentrating, and decreased motivation, are common, in particular among youth.

According to the ICRC’s Millennials on War survey published in January 2020, most Palestinian millennials believe that addressing the mental health needs of victims of conflict is just as important as addressing physical medical needs. 69% of the Palestinian millennials agreed with this position.

This year, the theme of the ICRC’s humanitarian reporting competition is “The impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of youth”.

 Participants are asked to submit an article that shows how the current conditions–such as the pandemic and the restrictions that already existed before it began–in Gaza or the West Bank are affecting the mental wellbeing of young people.

 Who can participate?

Professional journalists from Gaza and the West Bank (East Jerusalem inclusive) who publish articles in print or online media.  


Contributions should illustrate the consequences of COVID-19 and other pre-existing restrictions on the mental health of youth.

Contributions will be judged by their level of originality, the strength of the narrative, and style. They should respect the ethics of journalism and apply humanitarian reporting principles: do no harm, neutrality, impartiality.

Contributions should not exceed 1,500 words.

Contributions should not have been published before.

Contributions should be submitted in Arabic.

Individuals can submit one contribution only.

The winning articles will be published on one of the ICRC’s platforms. (The ICRC reserves the right to edit contributions to ensure they meet the ICRC’s editorial standards.)

How to send your contribution?

Contributions should be submitted by email to jer_communicationevents_services@icrc.org.


07 September: Opening of the competition

07 October: Deadline for submission of contributions

10 November: Announcement of winners

Selection process

Entries will be judged by a panel of journalism and humanitarian professionals. The winners will be announced through ICRC’s social media platforms. 

Selection and awards

Winners will be notified by email or phone approximately one week prior to the award ceremony.
Three prizes will be awarded. The 1st prize is 700 USD, 2nd prize is 500 USD, and 3rd prize is 300 USD. 

Source : Icrc