Tunisia: The painful uncertainty of the families of the missing

Whether it occurs on a migratory route or in a conflict zone, the disappearance of a loved one is devastating to a family. Overnight, all contact is lost. The search and the waiting begin. Families look for any sign, any information to cling to, to keep hoping.

Being without news of a loved one causes immense suffering and hardship for those that are left behind. In addition to the emotional and psychological distress caused by the disappearance of their loved one, families face legal, administrative, economic and psychosocial challenges.

Families have the right to know the fate and whereabouts of their loved ones. And if the missing person has died, they must be able to mourn with dignity and according to their traditions.

In Tunisia, through our tracing service, we help families trying to get answers about the fate of their missing relatives.

Have you lost contact with a family member? You can contact us:

International committee of the Red Cross,  Regional Delegation in Tunis
Galerie du Lac – Bloc “A” – Rue du Lac de Constance
1053 Les Berges du Lac – Tunisie
Email: tun_tracing_services@icrc.org
T +216 58 603 202

Source : Icrc