24 Jean Jackets to Buy Now and Wear Always

Yo, have any of you rewatched The Breakfast Club recently? To be honest, I’d be hard-pressed to remember the finer points of the plot but holy shit, John Bender looks like he might’ve singlehandedly birthed an entire generation of sullen TikTok stars. No joke, man. See for yourself. The dude is out here in a frayed flannel and beat-to-shit boots looking like he’d be thirstily biting his lip on camera while some Doja Cat song plays in the background. In other words, homeboy literally looks like he walked straight off the runway of Hedi Slimane’s latest collection for Celine. In other other words, he couldn’t look better.

The standout element of Bender’s fit, though, is by far the jean jacket. Slouchy and rumpled, the sweet denim number “the criminal” rocks throughout the film is an integral part of his persona, just as central to his character as his sneering, seen-it-all attitude and heavily parted, proto-e-boy tresses. Bender imbues his jacket with so much raw charisma it practically clings to his body, like it’s just as captivated by his performance as we are. (To say nothing of the absolutely baller topcoat he layers over it in the final, iconic scene of the film!) And it’s that distinct sense of personality you should bring to whichever version of the style you scoop this fall. Because make no mistake about it: scoop a version of the style this fall, you will.

To be fair, John Hughes isn’t the first director to fall for the jean jacket’s potent on-screen presence. The style has been a staple of classic moments in movie history for decades. But even after all these years, the defining message of The Breakfast Club remains as relevant now as it was then: you can be any teen stereotype you want—or none of ’em at all—as long as you do it in a jean jacket. (Well, the defining message for me, at least.) Just do you, dude. Fuck what “the rules” say. And if you end up looking half as good as Bender, you’re a-okay in my book.

*Raises fist triumphantly as cinematic music swells in the background* Don’t you, forget about meeee.

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Denim Jacket

Uniqlo uniqlo.com


A classic dark indigo style with denim sourced from industry heavy-hitter Cone, and all for less than fifty bucks. (You’re welcome.) 

Vintage Fit Trucker Jacket

Levi’s levi.com


The brand that still does denim better than almost anyone else also makes a jean jacket that does John Bender style right. 

Denim Work Jacket

Uniqlo U uniqlo.com


Look at that collar, dude! When’s the last time you saw a collar like that on a denim jacket? No, seriously. Let me know. 

Denim Chore Classic Fit Jacket

TOPMAN nordstrom.com


This chore coat style comes in a shade of eggshell white so nice you’ll have no choice but rock it year-round, Labor Day be damned. 

Western Selvedge Denim Jacket

Gap gap.com


Gap’s selvedge take is slightly dressier than your average option, and it’s multicolored stitching makes for a subtle—but welcome— dose of added cool. 

The Denim Jacket

Everlane everlane.com


Everlane’s denim jacket offers just about everything you could want out of the style, no fancy bells or whistles necessary. 

Classic Denim Jacket

MADEWELL nordstrom.com


As (yep) classic as they come. 

Baptista Denim Chore Coat

La Paz huckberry.com


What was it I was saying about denim chore coats, particularly in white?  

Blue Denim Rejean Jacket

Daily Paper dailypaperclothing.com


A classic stonewashed style with Daily Paper’s shield logo laser-etched all over it for some added panache. 

Light Wash Denim Jacket

Flint and Tinder huckberry.com


A lightweight denim style that’ll serve you well through the end of summer and then help you seamlessly transition to fall dressing. 

Japanese Stretch Selvedge Denim Jacket

Todd Snyder toddsnyder.com


A selvedge jean jacket with just a touch of stretch.

Denim Jacket

RRL ralphlauren.com


Ranch ready. 

Denim Jacket

A.P.C. mrporter.com


The brand that makes everyone’s favorite pair of “gateway drug” jeans also, unsurprisingly, makes a damn good denim jacket. 

GD211 Slim Trucker Jacket

Glenn’s Denim glennsdenim.com


A snug, ’70s-inspired silhouette made by a master of the form out of raw 14 oz. denim. (And yes, you should definitely check out the brand’s comprehensive sizing guide before you buy.) 

Overdye Trucker Jacket

A-Cold-Wall* endclothing.com


In the capable hands of A-Cold-Wall*, overdye is never overkill. 

Printed Denim Jacket

Iggy mrporter.com


Inspired by Iggy founder Jack Greer’s doodling, a denim jacket that looks like you kitted it out yourself.

Sundae Indigo-Dyed Organic Denim Jacket

Story Mfg. mrporter.com


Story Mfg. refuses to cut corners when it comes to its sourcing processes, often investing in organic materials and natural ingredients, like the ones used in this hand-woven, slub denim number dyed with fermented indigo. 

Studded Denim Jacket

Art Comes First artcomesfirst.com


Come for the subtle(ish) studding on the front, stay for the significantly less subtle “Electric Church” studding on the back. 

Mixed Denim Jacket

Nicholas Daley goodhoodstore.com


My god, Nicholas Daley actually can’t miss. This is starting to get a little absurd.  

Bleached Denim Jacket

Bianca Saunders matchesfashion.com


Like a laundry mishap gone oh-so-right. 

Distressed Paint-Splattered Denim Jacket

Neighborhood mrporter.com


There goes the neighborhood (presumably to buy this sweet, sweet piece of denim). 

Thumper Jacket Type II

John Elliott johnelliott.com


The reigning king of slimmed-down sweats just happens to make a damn-near perfect corduroy collar denim jacket. 

Arrows Print Denim Jacket

Off-White farfetch.com


Business up front, party (by way of the brand’s signature printed arrows emblem) in the back. 

SS 101 Dry Damaged 999 Denim Jacket

VISVIM nordstrom.com


Visvim’s painstakingly pre-shrunk style will cost you a pretty penny, but when it comes with all the sweet details (custom rivets, paint splattering, etc.) that lend the brand it’s cult-beloved status, what more can you really ask for? 

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