The 18 Coolest New Menswear Picks You Should Scoop This Week

Fall isn’t actually, like, officially here yet. But it’s almost here. And what a fall it’s shaping up to be! If you’re not sure how in the hell you’re supposed be dressing right now, you’re not alone. The general weather-related struggles I always associate with this time of year have only been compounded by the monotony of our largely homebound realities and the difficulties they’ve engendered when it comes to getting dressed. Put simply: Why should you wear anything but sweatpants this autumn? Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve got a good answer. But if it’s any help, a whole bunch of designers do and we’re spotlighting 18 of ’em this week. (Well, uh, maybe 17 actually, not including the pair of—yes—very good sweatpants we had to list below out of sheer professional duty.)

If the various brainchildren of these talented guys and gals can’t convince you to switch it up this fall then you, my friend, might indeed be a lost cause. But you’re not a lost cause, right? Right.

Royal Crest Bucket Cap

Lucid FC


Don’t get it twisted: Hats are very much a year-round essential and this week there’s bevy of real good options to choose from. A bright blue bucket? Say less, king. 

L.A. Studio Hat

Supervsn Studios


A downtown L.A. scenester staple you don’t need to be from the West Coast to appreciate? Hell yes. 

Gordon Modern Hat

Rowing Blazers x New Era


Fall-ready tartan? Don’t mind if I do. 

French Terry Sweatpant



It’s still the sweatpant’s world, and we’re all living in it (and them). 

Brian Kenny Top

Onitsuka Tiger


A delightfully doodly long-sleeve top  of Onitsuka Tiger’s collaboration with Brian Kenny, the NYC-based artist. 

Heritage Chore Coat



If I had a backlog of bangers as deep as Lee does I’d dig into ’em to pull out some old-school styles, too. 

1461 Double Stitch Leather Oxford Shoes

Dr. Martens


Double the stitching, double the fun! 

Project Rock 3 Training Shoes

Under Armour



Chinatown Market Collaboration Print Shirt



Desperately cling to these last few days of summer with everything you have. (Or, like, cop this shirt.) 

Anniversary Series Chelsea Boots



Blundstone dropped a limited-edition take on its classic Chelsea boot in honor of the style’s 150th anniversary, and needless to say it slaps. 

Fair Isle Wool-Blend Sweater Vest

Aimé Leon Dore


Shoot it into my motherfucking veins. 

Gore-Tex Wave-Length Jacket



Lightweight, waterproof, and damn-near indestructible. In other words, everything you should look for in a coat this fall. 

Checked Embroidered Shirt



Bodeee on my bodyyy, please! 

Prada Superstar 450 Leather Sneakers



Prada’s partnership with Adidas part two, this time featuring a Superstar done up in premium leather and stamped with that coveted Made in Italy imprimatur. 

Slider Sneakers

Pierre Hardy


But if you fancy yourself more of a patterns type of dude, the high-end sneaker savants at Pierre Hardy have you covered. 

Collapsible-Heel Leather Penny Loafers



Loewe continues to craft the ideal footwear for this *moment*. 

Basketweave Work Jacket

Reese Cooper


A work jacket (jackets: no longer just for the outdoors!) you can—and should—wear while you WFH. 

Men’s Underwear



Sure, the historic tie-up between the two brands technically drops on Saturday, but trust me: You’ll want to be properly prepared well beforehand.

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Source : Esquire