Apple AirTags: Could this be what AirTags look like?

Apple does a lot to help us find our misplaced iPhones, Apple Watches, and iPads, and rumors strongly suggest that Apple is currently working on a Tile-like device that will allow us to find other items as well. Here’s everything we know so far.

Update 9/14/2020: Jon Prosser reports that he has seen AirTags and has created renders.

The latest rumor: AirTags renders created by leaker

Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech says in his latest video that it is not certain that AirTags will be introduced at the Time Flies event on Tuesday. But he has seen video of Apple’s tracking device, and with the help of Concept Creator, made renders based on what he saw. Take a look below.

prosser airtagsJon Prosser/Concept Creator

Renders of Apple AirTags created by Jon Prosser and Concept Creator.

Prosser says an AirTag is about the size of a bottle cap. They work using Ulta-wideband (UWB) technology, which is explained in the “What are AirTags” section below.

But, how do you attach these little disks? In a very Apple way, Prosser reports that keychains and other attachment devices will be sold separately. Kind of like how the stand for Apple’s Pro Display XDR is sold separately. Prosser doesn’t have pricing information, but you’ll need to keep in mind that you have to dish out additional cash when purchasing AirTags.

What are AirTags?

AirTags are tracking tiles that will likely be similar to popular Bluetooth tracking products from Tile, Adero and similar companies. You can attach these tiles to objects like keyrings, suitcases, or bags (or even put them in your wallet), and then you can find the tile and the object it’s attached to by looking at an app on your phone.

AirTags are rumored to be more accurate than traditional Bluetooth trackers, as each one is thought to contain a U1 ultra-wideband chip, much as you find in the latest iPhones. These chips transmit more data than Bluetooth and at a higher rate. That means you won’t just be able to tell if an AirTag is in a house—you’ll also be able to pinpoint exactly where it is. Augmented reality will probably assist with the process of finding your stuff as well.

Tile’s devices are square, but an asset discovered in the iOS 13 beta by 9to5Mac last June suggests that the AirTags will be round, white, and have an Apple logo in the middle. It’s possible this is just a mockup, though, and not the final design. (Also, the same assets suggested that the tags are codenamed as “B389” within Apple.)