Upon further review: The Duo won’t be killing the iPhone anytime soon

The reviews of the Surface Duo are in and the Macalope regrets to inform you that the iPhone-killing future is going to have to wait a bit.

Who could have foreseen this surprising turn of events? Other than everyone, the Macalope means.

The title of Dieter Bohn’s review at The Verge is a bad omen.

“Microsoft Surface Duo review: Double trouble.”

OK, that doesn’t sound great but maybe the details of the review will show that…

Given its capabilities relative to other phones, it is absolutely not worth that price.


Long story short, the Surface Duo lacks NFC, wireless charging and 5G, its software is buggy and the camera is “trash” that is difficult to even use.

After all that work, the results are muddy, noisy, and in low light, they’re a mess. Plus, they arrive well after you hit the shutter button.

All this for $1,399. And no bag of chips. To think the Macalope is old enough to remember when the Duo was going to go “head to head” with the iPhone 12, by which he means he is more than… [checks calendar]… a month old.